Fear in the Western World (in progress)

Currently being developed in collaboration with David Commander, Fear in the Western World is a a multi media play about gun control and the role of fear in America’s pushback against common sense. Set in a hunted house, the play is an allegory that attempts to shed light on the inner workings of a social structure that is fueled by anxiety.

This is the haunted house we have made for ourselves. Of our own volition, Firearms are a permanent fixture within the American identity. As our democracy surrenders its sovereignty to capitalism, guns have become an abstract form of currency used by lobbyists and news sources to sway public opinion through fear.

Drawing inspiration from movies like The Amityville Horror, and Adam Winkler’s book on the right to bear arms ‘Gunfight’, the story focuses on a young couple who’s daughter is attacked by ghosts, driving them from a quiet life in the suburbs into the heart of the violent city. Can they save themselves by taking up arms against an enemy that defies shape and logic? Or will they themselves become ghosts; forever slaves to an unseen and elusive master?