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I'm Rob. I make shows and software. I like to play songs to make people dance, and sometimes I sing those songs.


Rob Ramirez is a performance artist, DJ, and computer programmer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has performed and exhibited works at SAT (Montréal), MANCC (Tallahassee), EMPAC (Troy), Borusan (Istanbul), and the festivals Novelum (Toulouse), Fusebox (Austin), Push (Vancouver), and COIL (NYC). Rob has collaborated with several multi-disciplinary artists, including Phil Soltanoff, Joe Diebes, Kurt Hentschlager, Koosil-Ja, David Watson, David Commander and is a member of the NYC based performance group Immediate Medium. He holds an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from Brooklyn Polytechnic University, and is a developer on Cycling '74's Max media software. Rob was born in Asheville, NC.

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